Benefits of Exercise for your dog

As a guide, dogs usually need about an hour of exercise a day, particularly when they are young. Some dogs bred for sport or herding activities require a lot more.

Dogs with little activity will become overweight very quickly. Even if they are active in the house they will still need additional excise.

While out walking your dog will meet many other dogs and will learn socially acceptable ways of interacting with them. Your pet, if it is timid or fearful, will be able to build up trust and confidence.

Dog walking will help them stay healthy and agile. It may also reduce digestive problems and constipation.

It will also help them to sleep better at bedtime rather than be restless.

One of the biggest benefits of dog walking is that it reduces behavioural problems. When confirmed to the house your pet can become bored and destructive. It helps to reduce problems like excitability, chewing, digging, jumping on people, barking, whining and scratching and many others.

If you are not able to walk your pet as much as you would like due to commitments, that we all have, then consider getting a dog walker. If you are in our locality Sutton Coldfield dog walking service would be more than happy to help. We also cover other areas such as Walmley, Boldmere and Streetly.

Beagle dog walking in Walmley