Ideas for your puppy’s name


With so many names to choose from it can be difficult choosing the right name for your puppy.


Nearly half of all pet names are either human names or nicknames. Other base their choice on their pet’s appearance or personality. Such as Blacky, Snowy, Dash or Comet. The breed of the dog is also used to come up with a names.


Your dog will be able to recognise and respond better to shorter names.


Make sure it is a name that you will be happy to call out when in public.


Dogs can find it difficult to respond to similar sounding words, so avoid names that sound similar to commands such as Sit, No, Down etc. An example of this would be Flo or Jo as they sound too close to No.


Be aware of the shortened version of the name and make sure you are happy with your pet being called this too.


Avoid naming your puppy as soon as you get it as their personality, as it develops, may present some obvious choices.


Above all, be adventurous and have fun coming up with a name.





Below are some sites with lists of names that might helpful.  


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