Understand the basics of pet insurance



Choosing pet insurance is an important decision as Vets bills can be the thousands. Always read insurance policies carefully and check what is or isn’t covered, as they all vary slightly.


Most pet insurance include:

Medical expenses are usually covered, but not routine visits to a vet for things such as vaccinations or neutering.

Death as a result of an accident or illness although age limits usually apply.

Cover for the cost of advertising if your pet goes missing.

Dog policies usually cover for third party liabilities such damage to the third parties property, legal costs and expenses.

Cover for treatment abroad if your pet gets ill or has an accident.

Cost of Kennel fees if you are in hospital and nobody else can look after your dog.


There are various types of pet insurance policies on the market.

Lifetime pet cover is the most comprehensive on the market. This pays out for ongoing issues throughout the dogs lifetime.

Non-lifetime cover is cheaper but usually have claim limits and cover limits.

Accident only cover is available, but doesn’t include any cover for illness.



Be aware that as you dog ages the premiums will increase on your policy.

If you decide to switch policies most new policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions.


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